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NEMA Register of Early Music

Registration Form

The Register of Early Music contains the names, addresses and interests of over 1500 early music enthusiasts in many countries and its purpose is to promote all aspects of early music.

Please read carefully before completing the questionaire. Use a separate form for each individual or ensemble.*=required field

Section B - Ensembles

Title of ensemble:
*First name of contact:
*Surname of contact:

Address line 1:
Address Line 2:
Address Line 3:
Address Line 4:
Country (if not UK):
Telephone number1:
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Fax number:
*Email address 1:
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N.B. "classical" indicates "18th-19th century", not the modern instrument

Codings for individuals For each of your activities enter one of the following: p = professional
c = competent amateur; f = fair; b = beginner; t = teacher; y = unclassified

Codings for Ensembles Please enter the name and address of your principal contact. Use the following codings only - do not enter the individual instruments of your ensemble.

710 Vocal ensembles       711 Vocal chamber ensembles (female)
712 Vocal chamber ensembles (male)       713 Vocal chamber ensembles (mixed)
714 Choirs (female)       715 Choirs (male)       716 Choirs (mixed)
717 Vocal ensembles (mediaeval)       718 Vocal ensembles (renaissance)
719 Vocal ensembles (baroque)       720 Instrumental ensembles
721 Mediaeval wind       722 Renaissance wind       723 Baroque wind       724 Classical wind
725 Renaissance band (waits)       726 Recorder (chamber ensemble)       727 Recorder choirs
728 Mediaeval strings       729 Renaissance strings       730 Viol consort
731 Mediaeval chamber ensemble       732 Renaissance chamber ensemble
733 Baroque chamber ensemble       734 Classical chamber ensemble
735 String quartet       736 English broken consort
737 Baroque orchestra       738 Classical orchestra       739 19thC orchestra
740 Dance (mediaeval)       741 Dance (renaissance)       742 Dance (baroque)
749 Playing for dance       750 Vocal & instrumental ensemble
751 Vocal & instrumental (mediaeval)       752 Vocal & instrumental (renaissance)
753 Vocal & instrumental (baroque)       754 Vocal & instrumental (med & ren)
756 Solo song & plucked accpt.       757 Solo song & keyboard accpt.
755 Baroque opera       759 Continuo groups       760 Keyboard duo
761 19thC chamber ensemble       762 West gallery church band


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