National Early Music Association Newsletters

3. March 2018
Interview with Jeremy Montagu
Ex Qvo? Vt Qva? Where have we come from? Where are we going?, Derek Adlam
The Hans Frei lute at Warwick, Adam Busiakiewicz
Straight tone singing through the Long 18th century, Richard Bethell
Johann Christoph Pepusch (1667-1752): Composer, performer, bibliophile, theorist, teacher and Organist of Charterhouse, Graham Matthews
Music from the Grand Tour, Chris Nex
Composer Anniversaries in 2018, John Collins
Up to date with early keyboards, Medea Bindewald
Eighth Johann Sebastian Bach Dialogue Meeting, Thomas Cressy
John Marsh’s house organ, Francis Knights
Vocal vibrato, John W. Briggs
NEMA Conference 2018

2. August 2017 (revised March 2018)
Interview with Peter Holman, Part 2
Greg Holt, Remembering Thurston Dart
David Hackett, The spinets of the Hitchcock dynasty: names, numbers, and dates
Graham Pont, Handelian performance practices in the recorded legacy: prelude to a revolution
Glen Wilson, Regarding the Chromatic Ricercar formerly attributed to Carel Luython

1. January 2017
Interview with Peter Holman, Part 1
Christopher Page, Samuel Pepys unplugged
Claudio di Veroli, A concise account of historical harpsichord ranges
Mark Windisch, Crumhorns give a delightful buzz
Alexander Blustin, Beaks and Quills re-invented
John Collins, Composer Anniversaries in 2017

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