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Vocal Sound and Style 1450-1650, Brighton

Joint Conference with the Brighton Early Music Festival

Saturday 20th October 2018

Francis Knights, Deborah Roberts, Flora Dennis. Introduction and welcome.

Anthony Rooley with Evelyn Tubb soprano and Michael Fields lute. 'The creative use of silence in the music of English composers c.1600 - especially Dowland and Ward'

Robert Toft: 'Sing as you speak: The secret fire of rhetorical delivery, 1500-1625

Gerald Place: Shakespear's Songs: 'Hallooing and singing of anthems'

Discussion/round table: Speech, rhetoric and approaches to singing. With: Robert Toft, Gerald Place, Oliver Webber. Chaired by Flora Dennis

Robert Toft - Masterclass with young professional singers

Laurie Stras: What does it mean when a woman sings? (Keynote)

Round table: The female voice in early music (gagged or muted?) With: Laurie Stras, Lisa Colton, Candace Smith. Chaired by Deborah Roberts

Short recital: Members of Musica Secreta and Celestial Sirens

Sunday 21 October 2018

Gawain Glenton: Il canto schietto:Towards an understanding Luigi Zenobi's 'simple' style of singing

Viviane Alves Kubo-Munari: Soverchi passaggi: affectation and vocal ornamentation at the beginning of the seventeenth century in Italy.

Round table on ornamentation: Viviane Alves Kubo-Munari, Gawain Glenton

Greta Haenen: 'From "voce umana" to ornament: Tremolo in Italy in the late 16th and Early 17th Centuries'

Round table: The modern singer. Tremolo, Trillo, Vibrato what did/do these terms actually mean? Greta Haenen, Richard Wistreich, Hama Biglari, Tim Braithwaite

Richard Wistreich: 'historical singing' - fantasy or reality (keynote)

Discussion Q & A

Joe Bolger: 'Primal Sounds' in early music singing: contemporary pop aesthetics for lute song performance [including time for questions/discussion]

Dr. Muthuswami Hariharan: Vocal traditions of musicians and composers of Indian music from the 14th to 16th centuries, including questions

Deborah Roberts: workshop for all: 'With devotion and passion': Singing sacred polyphony. What did it really sound like?

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