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Edition Michael Procter    Michael Procter

Singers around the world will be pleased to know that Edition Michael Procter is available again, some nine months after the sad death of Michael Procter . His large collection of sacred choral music by renaissance composers is a very valuable resource for choirs, churches and music lovers.

From about 1990, Michael ran day, weekend and longer courses for singers of renaissance sacred polyphony. His great love was to perform the music in the true liturgical context for which it was created, so far as modern church services would allow. He was unusual in that the music he brought to his courses was mostly his own. As the years went by, he relied less and less another editors' work. With few exceptions, he created fresh editions for every course, all transcribed from original sources in libraries all over Europe. The result was a growing corpus of choral music which he offered for sale as Edition Michael Procter.

At the time of his death, there were an estimated 850 pieces in the catalogue (including versions offered in different transpositions). These will be verified and re-catalogued over the next few years.

Orders and enquiries are welcome now at Edition MP
and will be produced and sold by Peacock Press (Jeremy Burbidge)

The catalogue is online at www.edition-mp.com
Editorial questions to: Robin Rigby